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Join us for a "Big Band" Gala  - the Mayor's Gala for the Arts on Sept 28! More info soon.

What a great idea - a databank

of the talented residents in this area! 

We can find others with our special interests in town

and start some new activities .

Art, music, knitting, wood carving, anything!

Beginners to experts!


 For more information and to become part of this innovative NVCAC project, see our Talent Network page.

Ongoing Events and Programs

Courthouse Gallery Artisan Shop

Courthouse Gallery Shop! 

The Artisans show their wares in the Gallery!

Weavings, jewelry, local creams, wooden bowls, pottery, honey...

We also have a selection of art cards by our local artists.  

Thursday to Saturday 12-6pm

Open Mic Night, an NVCAC program funded by donation - special thanks to our fans and donors!

Open Mic Night!  at Kekuli Cafe

Fridays -7 to 9 pm

 Music, Spoken Word...Sign-up 6:30 pm

                               Max 10 minutes per sign up performance

Featured artists weekly! Check who's featured this week...


Coming Events...

Art Buds, an art program for children, with Renee Hartwig Bauwens

April session for 10-13yr olds.


 To register, or for more info call Jano 250-315-3437 or contact Renee at

Courthouse Arts Gallery Shows

Courthouse Gallery

Show Schedule



Plans in the works for shows right through to 2020!


So far in 2019: 

March 8-30 Living Legends, Evelyn Armstrong, Doug Strand, Pius Chong, and Jackie Stibbards

April 4-27 Michelle Lonsdale

May 2-11 SD58 Arts Festival

Arts Interviews

An intimate chat with PIUS CHONG

“You can be creative in whatever you happen to be: In your state of life, in whatever you're doing.”

    Sculptor Pius Chong


 Artist Pius Chong with one of his works. Image source.

Artist Interview with Fah Cheong, one of the Nicola Valley Artists now at the Courthouse Art Gallery Show "Living Legends", by Catherine Oborne

Catherine: Can you describe your philosophy of creative pursuits?

Pius: My creative work pursuit in particular is a state of mind—a consciousness and an acute awareness of my existence. What matters to me is how I can best take an abstract idea and translate it into a sculpture. Read more...


And for more on Chong Fah Cheong go to Esplanade

And see his amazing book, available at the old Courthouse Arts Gallery 1840 Nicola Ave, Merritt BC


Thanks Catherine!

The Nicola Valley Arts Interviews

By Catherine Oborne 

A new series of conversations with local creative people in the Nicola Valley, designed to inspire imagination


Things to Know About Robert Bertrand, the Musician/Painter


CO - Interviewer Catherine Oborne

RB - Robert Bertrand

CO- Robert, tell us who influenced you.

RB- I was born and raised in Cape Breton.  My mom & dad were artists; musical & visual. My mom sang and my dad played the accordion, painted & worked with wood...



The Nicola Valley Arts Interviews

By Catherine Oborne 

A new series of conversations with local creative people in the Nicola Valley, designed to inspire imagination

Recently we sat down with artist Cassandra Dolen to discuss who were her creative influences....

Read more.

Arts and Culture Blog Posts

On the Experience Nicola Valley local communal website, Jano Howarth and more local writers write about arts and culture in the valley....

Art of Sound Blog post, featuring several of the 25 artists, and their submissions...


On Experience Nicola Valley, showcasing what is happening in Merritt.


For the month of February 2019, the Courthouse Arts Gallery is ringing with the sounds of singing bowls, Djembe drums, vinyl records, wooden flutes, Leonard George rattles, handmade stringed instruments, and original songs.

Even the art on the wall seems filled with sound and music!



Libby Dybikowski

on Experience Nicola Valley


When asked about the challenges she has encountered in pursuing her art, Libby talks about the importance of pleasing herself when she paints and not being affected by the opinions of others.

She believes that art stretches society, that it can help you see the world in a different way. “Bigger and better…bigger skies, deeper oceans.”


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