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The Nicola Valley Community Arts Council contributes time and support to a diverse group of visual and performing individuals and groups in the community.  We are always looking for help to accomplish our events and endeavours...

What has the Arts Council done for you lately?


Wondering what the NVCAC is doing this year? What programs we have? What we are doing with all that grant money and your donations? 


Good questions - and we have the answers!

Here is our Mid-Year Report to City Council and the Presentation that went with it. They were happy to know about all the work we have done already this year and our plans for next year. There are many opportunities to get involved, so contact us if you have a special interest or skill to share.

Nicola Valley Community Arts Council Board of Directors 17-18



Jean Kiegerl, President

Joined Board: Dec 8, 2016


Tammy Steen, Vice President,

Joined Board: Dec 14, 2016


Amy Maclaren, Secretary

Joined Board: Oct 25, 2017


Jane Bartle, Treasurer

Joined Board: Dec 14, 2016


Chelsea Werrun, Past President

Joined Board: Dec 8, 2016



Catherine Oborne

Joined Board: Dec 8, 2016

Chair: Membership


Herman Nel

Joined Board: Dec 8, 2016


Peter Van Der Leelie

Joined Board: Oct 25, 2017


Sarah Desrosiers

Joined Board: Oct 25, 2017

Chair: Media


Mischelle Pierce

Joined Board: Oct 25, 2017

Chair: Programming