Standing Committees of the Arts Council


2018 NVCAC Standing Committees List


Executive Committee

  • Approve financial decisions under $200

  • Prepare agenda and documents for Board and General meetings

  • Follow-up Board and General meeting decisions as necessary.

  • Plan and implement Director orientation and training as necessary.


Finance Committee

  • Chaired by Vice-President

  • All executive members


Programming Committees

  • Courthouse Arts Gallery / Liaison with Director

  • Permanent Programs – Art Walk, Art in the Park, Public Art Works, MSS Bursary

  • New Programs – SD 58 Fine Arts Festival

  • Music Programming – Open Mic, Music Advisory Committee


Communications Areas of Responsibilities

  • Website

  • Social Media Life

  • MailChimp Newsletter, Media, press releases

  • Advertising and Promotion



  • Membership list; recruiting and renewing

  • Member groups

  • Volunteers; recruiting and retaining

  • Maintain list volunteer hours from forms submitted by Board and Member volunteers


Policies  Procedures  (Constitution, Bylaws & Policy Manual)

  • Revise “Policy and Procedures Manual”, section by section

  • Present revisions and updates to Board for adoption