Nicola Valley Arts Council Standing Committees


2017 NVCAC Standing Committees List



A.      Executive – Chelsea, Jean, Jane


B.      Finance
Chair: Jean
Members: Mil, Tammy, Jane

                                I.            Budget

                              II.            Grants

                            III.            Fundraising


C.      Programming

Chair: Etelka

Members: Shannon (Arts Festival), Gallery (Jackie), Herman, Chelsea, Linda & Jane (music)


                                 i.            Courthouse Gallery

                               ii.            SD58 Fine Arts Festival

                              iii.            Canada 150

                             iv.            35th Anniversary

                               v.            Art Walk

                             vi.            Art In the Park (July 1)

                            vii.            Music


D.       Communications

Chair: Mil

Members: Jane, Tammy, Jano, Chelsea

1.       Board

2.       Internal (members and member groups)

                                 i.            Newsletters via Mailchimp

                               ii.            Website- info for members

                              iii.             Member Groups


3.       External (public)

                                 i.            Website

                               ii.            Social Media

                              iii.            Media, press releases

                             iv.            Advertising


E.       Membership

Chair: Catherine

Members, Mischelle Pierce, Kim Vizi-Carmen

                                 i.            Membership list; recruiting and renewing

                               ii.            Member groups

                              iii.            Volunteers; recruiting and retaining

                             iv.            Track volunteer hours (Board and Member volunteers)


F.       Constitution/Bylaws

Chair: Libby

Members: Jane, Mil, Chelsea

                     i.            Transition to new BC Societies Act

                   ii.            AGM approval and filing