Jean Kiegerl

Art Walk Artist Jean Kiegerl 


Jean has participated in Art Walk for the past 5 years. In addition to being an artist, Jean keeps busy in the in the Community as Vice- President of the Nicola Valley Community Arts Council. As a volunteer, she set up programs for weekly painting sessions at the Library and now three outdoor painting days at the Corbett Lake Lodge.


This year, 2017, Jean was the Art Walk Artist at locations #6 Community Policing Office and #22 Purity Feeds.

More of her work is on her website -


I asked Jean a few questions about her work...


What inspires your work?

A certain quality of light - a reflection, a transparency, light shining through or glowing. It calls me and makes me want to paint that glow. I paint in a realistic style, sometimes impressionistic, trying to catch that glow. It seems to work best for me in oil paint, rather than watercolour or acrylics


Who is your favourite visual artist and why?  

Caravaggio (Italian, early 1600s) - Caravaggio really knew how to make his paintings glow. He invented a way of painting in many transparent layers to create that effect. Unfortunately, he was such a street-fighting gangster that he was always in trouble and died in exile - only 60 paintings have survived. Nonetheless, he was the one who started the revolution in painting - Rembrandt, Vermeer and all the others can thank him for that.


What is the most amount of time you’ve spend on one piece?

The oil paintings that really glow take about a year, since they need a week to dry enough between each of the many transparent layers. This makes it a challenge to keep the image in mind, so I work from my own photographs to remind me of the original glow that inspired me.


Is there anything new you are working on this year? 

I have done many small oil paintings to learn the layering technique to make the paintings glow. Now I want to paint larger works and to take on the challenge of painting people. Eventually I would like to paint women doing interesting things in the world. In most paintings of women, they are just something to be looked at, much like a vase of flowers. Men are usually shown doing something or being something (labourer, hunter, king, etc.) For paintings of men, just being sexy to look at is not sufficient, there is always a bigger life story shown or implied. That is the social politics of traditional art, but artists should move beyond that archaic notion. That is the long-range challenge I have set for myself.


You can see Jean’s work in 2 locations this year, Purity Feed, 1690 Voght Street, Monday to Friday 8:30am- 5pm and Sat 9-4:30pm and the Community Policing Office, 2026 Granite Ave, Monday to Friday 10am-2pm from now until July 31st.


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