Current Arts Gallery Exhibition

Memories and Mandalas

Celebration of Life in the Nicola Valley

Sept 4-26/20

"Memories and Mandalas"

 Reception Thursday, Sept 10, 4-7pm


We invited NVCAC members to bring artwork, writing, and song inspired by, or created by loved ones and mentors they have lost.

Georgina Beatty, George Armstrong, Molly Lauder, Peter McVey, Diane Kiernan, Beatrice Sederberg, Leonard and Doris George, and Gordon Cockle’s works are on display.

Artists Judy Young, Jean Kiegerl, Cindy Trent, and Richard Lepinsky share their own work inspired by loved ones.

And Mischelle Pierce has brought work by her mother, still with us, Carol Yurkowski.


Enjoy also, Mandala work by Kathleen Kinasewich, Evelyn Armstrong, and more.


The mandala can express grief and joy, heartfelt emotions, and life’s cycles.


The work of artists make a lasting impression. It’s a beautiful show.


Come join us and honour artists who have passed. And remember your own loved ones.