2020 Gallery Arts Shows

Children in Art, Art for Children

Feb 7-Mar 14, 2020


Join us for our Reception

on Friday, Feb 7, 4-7pm



This show is about children and how we inspire them to take their own path-
maybe art, maybe another passion.
Beauty, fun, curiosity...inspiration.
What will be a part of our exhibition?
Could be...art on the wall, mixed media, digital art, 3D offerings, eg sculpture, lego forms, wood models, ceiling hangings, hand crafted toys... Music, stories, quotes to live by...
Stimulate the imagination.
Art OF children, of course...


Nicola Valley Community Arts Show Robert Moretti

"I Love Painting!"

April 25-May 25, 2020


Robert Moretti says he came late to painting. But he enjoys it a lot, and comes up with lots of ideas.


His style is eclectic, as you'll see in our first online show. He tries out different styles and we see a lot of variety and themes.


Robert has been a part of our art community now for just over two years. He contributes to every Community show we have.

Robert has joined our artisans in the Gallery Shop, displaying one or two pieces and volunteering at the Gallery to welcome locals and visitors to the valley.


Robert's show had been booked since 2019. When Covid 19 shut down happened, it was just days before Bob's show was going up. 

We put it up anyway and had lots of visitors online.


Then we were able to open the Gallery and invited the public in to see Robert's show in person!


The Robert Moretti Show 


Most of Robert's pieces are for sale. Contact the Arts Gallery if you are interested.


Landscapes of the Nicola Valley

with local artist Dave Barber


May 28-June 13/20


Come and see the beautiful oil paintings at the old

Courthouse Arts Gallery!


Regular Hours

Thursday to Saturday



 All paintings Oil on Canvas Board

$200 Framed

Either 11x14" or 12x16"


Landscapes of the Nicola Valley

(Check back for Dave's show)