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Creature Comforts- Jen Artibise & Sean Cornies

Creature Comforts include Mud Therapy Studio and Serenity Terrarium and Jewellery Designs.


Jennifer and Sean are always busy creating for their artisan company Creature Comforts.They design and make pottery, terrariums, and jewellery and keep several avenues going to sell and market their wares.


Jen, besides continuing her career as an educator, manages the  Gallery Shop when she can, scheduling the Artisan volunteers and getting all the shop's stock on her inventory app.


Together Jennifer and her husband Sean fill several shelves with a variety of 3D art and crafts.


Their backyard studio gives them space to work on their hobbies and passions, feeding their souls.

Since 2018, Sean and Jen have involved themselves in the Nicola Valley community. 

This year they gave Mud Therapy courses at the Courthouse Arts Space, for adults and children.

There is excitement when the pottery creations come out of their studio kiln!

Creature Comfort creations combine beauty and usefulness!

Sean and Jen will create a custom piece if there is something special you are after.

Jen's handcrafted jewellery designs include wire crocheted earrings, silver soldered pendants and metal chains. 

Jen's creative skills include painting. Here she shares her skills with students at the Arts Space..

Her lively saxaphone acrylic art piece, painted for the decor of a Jazz in the Attic event, was on the Kekuli Cafe wall at this year's Valentine Open Mic event.

Contact Jen and Sean

Facebook: Creature Comforts @ToFeedYourSoul


Visit Creature Comforts soon on the new online Farmers Market!

Info coming!