Bev Veale...Painter, Carver

At our Reception...

Murphy Shewchuk and Bev discuss locations in the valley...

Bev shares drawing tips with student, Lindsey...

Kentucky Lake Pond

Davis Lake Lily Pads

Cacti in Bloom

Cathedral Lake Lodge

Curly Veale, Bev's mother.

Painted by Bev herself.


There is a corner in the Gallery with Bev's family history, at her Retrospective Show...


The story of Bev's life in the valley is as interesting and beautiful, as her art work.


We want to share some of the stories here soon.


Bev's grandfather homesteading in the valley

Bev's childhood at Okanagan Landing

Bev's time in the RCAF

Her stint as Recreation director, writing for the Merritt News and the Herald, her Kinnikinnick Lodge near Chataway Lakes. And her development as an artist.


Bev had a lot to do with the Valley Visual Artists and the formation of our present Art Gallery in the Courthouse Heritage building on Nicola Avenue...


We are looking forward to hearing more from Bev, her family, and friends!

Cacti in Bloom

Cathedral Lake Lodge