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May 1st - Sept 30, 2020


Welcome to our hometown version of the ever so trendy

“urban sketching.”


In the midst of a pandemic, in this new age of physical distancing, it is time to live in the HERE & NOW. Connecting to your surroundings gives one a sense of place and peace. Sketching gives you this opportunity!  Since this is an individual activity, no one will be looking over your shoulder while you sketch!


This program encourages everyone to pay attention to your surroundings. What catches your eye? Then think of them as art - interesting light, unusual combinations of shapes, that special meaning to you. They might be in your own place, your own street, on a hike or drive - when one is looking for them, they are everywhere.  When you sketch them, you really take the time to appreciate them and share them with others. This is the focus of this “Here and Now” program. 

Getting Started

Any paper and pencil works for sketching, and even add some colour with pencil crayons, crayons, or paint. 

New to sketching? It is surprisingly easy with the simple ‘seeing’ trick in our short video, below, Try it for yourself!


Register for “Here and Now”

Registration is easy and free. Start any time, no deadlines. Just sketch until the program ends on July 31. 

BONUS! To help you get your sketches started, we have a  free sketchbook for you to pick up (safe pickup instructions will be sent when you register.)


Share your Sketches

To share a sketch, photograph it with your cell phone or camera. Then post it to our Facebook group and other social media you use. Sharing our sketches allows us to see the world from different perspectives. Sharing our perspective with others helps build a sense of community through the arts.

The Real Secret to Sketching!

by Jean Kiegerl

Here are some examples of the effect of this sketching lesson from four different adults who all thought they could not draw, had no talent or "only draw stick people."

So take about 20 minutes to watch the video and follow the simple instructions - it will actually change your mind!

Here and Now Sketches  - see what our Sketchers have shared