Past Visual Arts


Art Buds!


Children's Art Program!

At the Courthouse Arts Galler



6-10 year olds

(Limited space)

With Renee Hartwig Bauwens


Thursdays 3:30-5pm







Children's Art Program...Create The Cat Came Back art inspired by Fred Penner's music!


Renee Hartwig Bauwens will lead several 6-10 year olds in a Cat Came Back  artproject.

 Friday, Sept 29 only!  3:30-5pm

$5 for this session 

At the Courthouse Arts Gallery, 1840 Nicola Ave

 Supplies provided 

 Call 250-378-0922 to sign up - Limited space!

 -  We'd love to see your child there!

Renee is beginning a series of art programs for children at the Courthouse Arts Gallery

 Art Walk 2018

Our 6th annual Art Walk Show & Sale

A celebration of local talent

and community spirit!  

Art Walk kicks off on Canada Day at Central Park (10 am to 1pm) and continues in the community locations from July 3rd to 31st.


In August there is a wrap up party at the Courthouse Arts Gallery on 1840  Nicola Avenue. 


Art Walk is a great opportunity to explore our community and check out local artists. Art Walk is a partnership between the Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce and the Nicola Valley Community Arts Council. 


19 Artists have signed up to show their work in Art Walk 2018.

17 Venues are on board to display artists' work, including the Courthouse Arts Gallery


Paint-In Day at Corbett Lake Lodge - Summer 2017

A fabulous Paint-In Day at Corbett Lake Lodge!  On July 25, 2017, twelve artists gathered to paint outdoors in this lovely location. It was a perfect summer day - sunny, 25 C., no wind and no bugs. The scenery was inspiring and we all got to work. The Lodge staff served a delicious luncheon on the deck at noon. Then we were anxious to get back to painting for the afternoon. Then August 15 was just as beautiful - the wildfire smoke disappeared. Eight artists had a wonderful time and a really great lunch. 

Now we are looking forward to the last Paint-In day - August 29, and hoping for the same wonderful weather.

July 25/17 Photos

August 15/17 Photos

The "Stick Man" Challenge:

Rotary Park - June 21 (Aboriginal Day) and July 1 (Canada Day) 2017

Every year we work in partnership with the City of Merritt and the Chamber of  Commerce to host Art in the Park event during Canada Day festivities at Rotary Park.  The event runs from 10am to 1pm and will be hosted under the Arts Council’s canopy tents and feature information about the Arts Council including ways to get involved, art demonstrations (paintings, printing making and Art Trading Cards, button or magnet making).  In addition, this event allows enables  artists to connect with each other, discuss new projects and activities or establish new partnerships. Also, it provides them with an opportunity to market themselves and their work in a highly visible venue.


Art in the Park encourages artists to come out and paint en plein air or provide interactive art demonstrations to the community. The goal of our event is to provide a forum for the community to tap into their creative spirit and learn new forms of artistic expression. Since 2013, Art in the Park, we have found that by providing a fun, free day of interactive arts activities for all ages during the Canada Day festivities and now June 21st for National Aboriginal Day we drew a diverse crowd of art enthusiasts.


 Art in the Park  June 21, 2017   in conjunction with Aboriginal Day at Central Park

 Art in the Park July 1, 2017  in conjunction with Canada Day at Central Park

 Art in the Park  Sept 23/24, 2017  in conjunction with the Lower Nicola Garlic  Festival

This is especially for all those people who say "I only draw stick people." In less than 10 minutes, Jean Kiegerl will teach you the secret known to artists since the Middle Ages and recently explained by modern brain research. The examples below are from Jean's session at Art in the Park on June 21 at Rotary Park. The before and after drawings below were done by ordinary people who claimed they could not draw. They were quite surprised that this only took them a few minutes. Try it yourself next time -  upcoming opportunities:

- July 1 from 11am-1pm at the Art in the Park tent at Central Park, as part of the Canada Day events.

- Aug 3 from 4 to 6 pm at the Courthouse Gallery, as part of the Art Walk Wrap Up Event.