The "Here and Now" Sketches

Nona T - Fresh Eggs

Nona T - Kayaking

Debbie S - Daisy

Barbara S - Barrels with Flowers

Diane W - Everyday Things

Debbie S - Butterfly

Nona T - Painted Hands

Diane W - Yellow Tulip

Cathy S - Ginger Pot

Nona T - Bridge

Cathy S - Rock Pile

Cathy S - My Hand

Jennifer N - Flower sketch #2

Cathy S - Flowers

Jean K - Covid-19 journal

Karen O - Rabbit

Diane W - My Left Hand

Jennifer N - Flower sketch #1

Diane W - "Worker Bees" 

Congratulations, Diane, You are the winner of the "first entry" prize!

Barbara S - "Four Pansies"

Samples from our archives to get the Gallery started: