Progam Application Forms

1. Application Set

PAF - Introduction Page
This is an overview of the process of applying for NVCAC support for a program.
2018 PAF-1 intro page.docx
Microsoft Word Document 457.5 KB
PAF Application Form
2018 PAF-1A Master Application Form.docx
Microsoft Word Document 88.4 KB
PAF Budget Form
Excel worksheet that automatically totals each section.
2018 PAF-1B Master Budget Sheet.xlsx
Microsoft Excel Table 123.4 KB
PAF - Budget form - simplified
This is the one to use if you are not familiar with the Excel program. It is a standard Word document.
2018 PAF-1Bb program budget simple.docx
Microsoft Word Document 203.5 KB

2. Promotion Set

Promotion Information Page
2017 07 07 PAF - 2A Promotion Informatio
Microsoft Word Document 653.0 KB
Promotion Planning Chart
This process gets your event out to the public to ensure community knowledge and support.
2018 PAF - 2B Promotion Planning Chart.d
Microsoft Word Document 234.6 KB

3. Final Report Set

Program Final Report
2017 07 07 PAF - 3A Program Final Report
Microsoft Word Document 277.1 KB
Final Financial Report
2017 07 07 PAF - 3B Final Financial Repo
Microsoft Word Document 232.7 KB

PAF Board Notes
2017 07 07 PAF - Board Notes.docx
Microsoft Word Document 216.0 KB