A new 2019 program of the NVCAC, the Nicola Valley Talent Network will create a databank of the many interests, skills and talents of people in this area. This could connect individuals with similar interests, identify specific interest groups, encourage workshops and events, match up instructors and students, and promote local talent.

NV Talent Network Info
Here is a summary of information about how we anticipate creating the NV Talent Network.
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How to join the Nicola Valley Talent Network - easy as 1-2-done!


1. Be an NVCAC member. For a current year membership, join here. Your  donation (over $15) includes membership, monthly email newsletter and a charitable tax receipt - and is required to be included in the Talent Network.



2.  Submit the Application Form below.   Paper copies available at the Courthouse.

- drop off at the Courthouse Arts Gallery (1840 Nicola), or 

- mail to Box 2762, Merritt BC V1K 1B8, or

- scan or photo to  nvcac.talent@gmail.com .

Nicola Valley Talent Network - application form
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